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More Colorado 360 Video

Here is some more 360 around Taylor Park Colorado.

Ride with the Seat Time Adventures Chase/Film crew on a VR Experience offroading around Taylor Park Colorado. We ride from Spring Creek Reservoir to the campgrounds.

For full interactive experience watch in Chrome or a mobile device.
Move around your mobile device or use ASWD to look around in Chrome.

Shot with Kodak Pix Pro SP360
Amazon Affiliate Link: http://amzn.to/1Na05dw

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Rabbit Creek Offroad Park

Rounded up some old footage from Rabbit Creek Offroad Park. They are located in Kilgore, Texas right off of Interstate 20. We definitely went during the wrong time of year cause there was hardly any mud to be seen. Just a bunch of dust and overgrown trails. The one major hole we did find pretty much swallowed the Can Am though. Because of the almost vertical walls on both side of the hole we didn’t have cable long enough to get traction and pull the damn thing out. It took the help of some locals and 2 tethered machines to finally free it up. After the help they actually showed us around the park a little. And took us out to kinda a secret waterhole on some separate property they all ride at close to the actual park.

All in all it worked out for a pretty good day ride.

Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area

Dug up an old one here.  Heres a vid from 2011.  We Got the RZR S and Commander out and hit the trails at Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area in Gilmer, TX.  1st time we had em on trails like this and they were great.  Easily made it up everything we pointed em at.

“Here They Come” by Smoked Meat Fax Machine (http://www.smokedmeatfaxmachine.com/)

Creative Commons license from Vimeo Music Store

Flip Ultra HD

360 Video VR RZR Ride Along – Seat Time Adventures

360 Video is here!!!  Now you too can virtually ride along with us around Taylor Park, Colorado.  We got to play around with the Kodak PixPro SP360 on the 1st Seat Time Adventures trip.  And man its a pretty fun camera to play around with.  For the best interactive experience make sure and watch in the you tube app on your mobile device.

Gator Run Offroad Park – Video – Texas Offroad Park

We drove away a little beaten and broken but I have to say Gator Run Offroad Park sure is a pretty awesome place ride.  It is a huge offroad park in Tatum Texas with a pretty good variety of trails to be riden.  There is sand dragstrip, mud pits and obstacle course right inside the gate.  There some pretty good fast trails around this open area as well.   As for the rest of the park be prepared for swampy, muddy, water.  I was kinda worried at first with our stock machines but both held up to the muck and the winches got us out of any spot we had issues with.    We did break a tie-rod on the Commander and a stump put a pretty good hole in the floor of my RZR, but that is all part of it sometimes.

Dirty Rice Offroad – Promo Video

Setting the mood here with the 1st video to the youtube channel here.  Traveling around Texas and Oklahoma here is a quick look at some of the last few offroad trips we’ve made.

Offroad parks featured in this vid are below.

Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area
Rabbit Creek Offroad Park
Little Sahara State Park

No Melodic – Steel Rain

Where to Next

The hundred degree days in Texas appear to be gone and fall is creeping in.  Haven’t really rode all summer except for playing around the house.  And I’m starting to get supper antsy to get out and ride.

So where do we go?  The debate right now is between Hidden Falls Adventure Park around Marble Falls or Gator Run around Longview.  Were looking at a weekend trip and hoping to hit up a spot we haven’t been to before.

Anybody have any thoughts feel free to share.

Woody and Steven’s Arrive-N-Ride Adventure – Video

Alright got the edit done for the our Arrive-N-Ride Adventure done a few weeks ago and just now getting around to updating things here.

Just wanna give a big thanks to all the guys at KR4 Performance for giving the Seat Time crew the opportunity to run through the program.  My words really just can’t express how awesome the whole experience was so I hope that what we captured on video does.


Arrive-N-Ride Adventure: GNCC 2014 Bick Buck goPro Footage

Allright I finally got around to getting the footage of my Ride-A-Long with Patrick McGuire all pieced together.  Now you can ride along too.  The Project 591 Polaris RZR was screaming and Pat is a madman behind the wheel.  We finished up 7th over all wich is pretty damn good considering there were around 50-60 entries in the Side-by-Side category.  If you ever wanna get out and really experience some GNCC racing like the PROs do it, take a look into joining the KR4 Arrive-N-Ride program.  Racing at a pro level without all the pro hassles.


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