Well howdy!!

You’ve come across the ramblings and (mis)adventures of a Texas bred, offroad enthusiast.  I was raised in the dirt and mud around the DFW area driving Volkswagen Dune Buggys.  Well gradually it just became harder and harder to find places that we could still ride and not get hassled about it.  Places we used to always ride became more and more restrictive or closed up completely.  Many of the places now have strip malls or house built on them.  So for years we just stuck to making a couple trips a year out to still my favorite place to go to Little Sahara State Park in Oklahoma.  Then once a year, then none….  The buggies sat out in the barn rotting.

Well I’ve finally got fed up.  Started digging around the web to get back into it the scene.  I noticed how many new parks have been opened up to the sport around Texas and the surrounding areas.   So I bought a Polaris RXR S and started making the rounds to all the parks I’ve never rode.  I’ll be bringing you videos and reviews of all my adventures as I try to hit up all the parks across Texas and the surrounding areas.

Little Sahara Ride in 2003 1st Ride in the RZR S

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